Economic Impact

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Beer Distributors Are Significant Businesses in Their Communities:
The Economic Impact of Beer Distributor Business Operations

Beer Distributors Make Substantial Capital Investments in Their Communities:
The Economic Impact of Beer Distributor Investment in Structures, Vehicles, Software, Energy Saving Technology and Other Equipment

Beer Distributors Are Good Citizens of Their Communities:
The Economic Impact of Beer Distributor Support of Community Events, Charitable Activities and Local Economic Development

Total Economic Impact of Beer Distributor Operations, Investment and Community Involvement


*Economic impact taxes only; does not include an added $48 million in federal, state and local excise and consumption taxes on beer sold in Idaho.

How the Total Economic Impact is Distributed Across Selected Industries


Added Economic Benefits Due to Efficiencies of Wholesale Beer Distribution:
Transportation, Transactions, Marketing and Consumer Choice in Idaho


Description of Community Involvement Activities

Beer and wine distributors in Idaho are involved in a wide variety of charitable, economic development and community-building activities. In addition they are good corporate citizens sponsoring a multitude of state and community events. Distributors are also constantly looking for methods to support energy conservation, recycling and other green initiatives. Idaho’s beer and wine distributors also play a vital role in alcohol awareness and education. The IBWDA created and self-funded the “I Don’t Drink” campaign, a program designed to educate students, peer to peer, about the risks associated with alcohol consumption and to prevent underage drinking. A video contest was announced in which Idaho K-12 students submitted self-produced videos describing reasons they do not consume alcohol and suggesting alternative activities to maintain an alcohol-free lifestyle.

Print-Ready PDF of Idaho’s Economic Impact »